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All you need to know about placing an order and downloading your assignment.

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Follow these steps to place your order.

  1. Give us your instructions

    Select the type of service you need: writing, calculations, or programming.

    We’ve created an intuitive order form that tells you what information to enter and where, so make sure to fill out each required field.

    Also, make your requirements as specific as possible. Don’t rush! Take your time and explain everything in detail.

    Why you should give clear instructions:
    • We’ll find you the right writer much faster.
    • They will better understand how to complete your order.
    • There will be less need for revisions later.
  2. Provide you contact details

    Enter your email and create a new password to set up your account.

    No need to share your name and phone number if you don’t want to.

    If you’re a returning customer, please enter your email/customer ID and password.

    Why you need to share your contact details:
    • It’s required to set up your account.
    • We might need to contact you and clarify some details.
    • You need to receive updates about your order.
  3. Pay for your order

    Proceed to checkout and enter your credit card details.

    Follow the payment provider’s instructions to confirm the transaction.

    Now your order is in our system! We’ll start processing it right away.

    Why pay for your paper online:
    • It’s a quick payment method.
    • We only work with trusted e-payment processors.

How to get your paper done

Here’s what happens after you’ve placed your order.

  1. We find you a writer

    You’ll get a notification once we assign them to you.

  2. Wait for your expert to complete your order

    Use your personal account to talk to your writer, check order status, and request updates from customer support.

  3. The first draft is done!

    Once your paper ready, the writer will submit it to us.

  4. We perform a plagiarism check

    We make sure your paper is 100% authentic.

  5. Your paper is delivered

    We’ll send you a link to preview your paper in your account.

  6. Check your paper

    Make sure it meets your requirements. Remember, you can ask for a revision if your instructions haven’t been fully met.

  7. Approve the order

    You need to click Approve in order to download the file.

  8. Get your paper!

    Download the file to your device. And that’s it!

Buy an original and custom paper

Get a free quote before you pay

Sometimes, students who come to us with complex assignments are worried that we won’t be able to find an expert who can complete them. They don’t want to pay for their order without being 100% sure that they can get a quality result. In this case, we recommend asking for a free quote. Here’s how it works.

  1. Submit your request
    It’s like placing an order, except you don’t need to pay for anything.
  2. Wait till we find a writer
    We’ll find you a qualified expert and calculate the price of your order.
  3. Talk to your expert
    You can place your order and pay for it only if you’re fully satisfied with the conditions.

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