Coastline ms100 M09/16 Final Exam latest 2017

QuestionQuestion 1The term “glass ceiling” refers to:invisible barriers of discrimination that prevent managers from advancing employees.invisible barriers of discrimination against unprotected groups.invisible barriers of discrimination that block protected groups from advancing into upper management.invisible barriers of discrimination that involve the physical environment of the company.Question 2Core values and beliefs that act as a guide when individuals formulate courses of action are called:business ethics.individual conduct.ethical conduct.morality.Question 3The word most closely associated with employment orientation is ____________.compensationremunerationfamiliarizationsettlementQuestion 4The U.S. labor force is becoming ____________.dominated by older malesdominated by femalesmore diversifieddominated by younger malesQuestion 5Pre-employment physical examinations can be used for all the following except:excuses for not hiringcertification of physical capabilitiesmedical historiesprevention of insurance fraud claimsQuestion 6Organizations can encourage unethical behavior in employees in the following ways except:threatening unusually severe punishments.offering unusually high rewards.emphasizing results.accommodating suspensions.Question 7A risk that is definitely not worth taking for managers and employees is the risk of:ruining the rest of one’s career.uncertainty.economic risk.Question 8The ethical process that states that employees should treat others as we ourselves want to be treated is called the:Environmental assessment.Golden norm.operating procedure.Question 9Turnover of employees, constant change, and an uncertain future force managers to use human resource ____________.forecastingdescriptionsanalysisaccountingQuestion 10A company’s best defense against accusations of discrimination or bias in hiring is to be certain that any employment practice or device adheres to the following except:performance standards are is a business acknowledges a bona fide occupational is job related.Question 11Today, the collective pressures of society demand that businesses:turn a profit.solve many societal problems.disregard private interest substantial stock dividends.Question 12Generally, employment interview questions that ask about age or marital status are considered ____________.within an unstructured interview formatrequiredlawfulunlawfulQuestion 13Codes of conduct can best be described as:proceduresgeneral guidelinescompany policiesall of the aboveQuestion 14The most valued organizational asset or resource is ____________.sales volumeaccounts receivablecashpeopleQuestion 15____________ is the obligatory action of employees and organizations to protect, benefit, and avoid harm to others.Public initiationSocial responsibilityPrivate concernPublic and social reclamationQuestion 16The assignment of conducting the in-depth interview normally will be granted to the ____________.applicant’s reporting superiortraining departmentDirector of Personnelpersonnel departmentQuestion 17When a person carries out his or her work duties “because” of “the duty,” they are practicing the ethical theory of ____________ behavior.non consequentialcompliancesocialcontributoryQuestion 18Team members engage in the following kinds of communication except:utilizing non-verbal forms.deliberating on a problem or issue.exchanging view.discussing work.Question 19Entrepreneurs are enterprising individuals who organize and operate businesses. Such individuals within established corporations are termed:intrapreneurs.motivators.change agents.empowerment specialists.Question 20Moving or shifting employees from one specific job to another is called job:rotationredesignenrichmentenlargementQuestion 21A good reward system will include:rewards that are comparable to other organizationsrewards that are available to allrewards that meet basic needsall of the aboveQuestion 22The communication message is a carrier of:channels.direction.information.transmission.Question 23The ways in which people observe and the basis for making judgments about the stimuli they experience isstereotype.semantic.perception.barrier.Question 24A significant number of colleges and universities are operating summer session classes Monday through Thursday. This is similar to:intrapreneurshipa compressed workweekflextimejob sharingQuestion 25Face-to-face or voice-to-voice conversations that take place in real time and allow instant feedback are called:interpersonal communication.semantics.coordination.channels.Question 26A mentoring manager that encourages a subordinate to “shadow” his/her leadership exemplifies which process theory of motivation?expectancyequitygoal-settingreinforcementQuestion 27″Seek not only to be understood but to understand…,” one of the American Management Association’s “Ten Commandments of Good Communication,” focuses upon being a good:listener.interpreter.critic.provider.Question 28According to Maslow, a person’s needs are arranged:according to each a societal influences.Question 29Over an extended period of time, an unmet need can ____________ an employee.assistfulfill, satisfyfrustratehelpQuestion 30The process through which people and organizations accomplish objectives is:coordination.organizing.communication.planning.Question 31″Guess what was just said about the manager’s new secretary?” typifies:feedback.noise.speech impairment.the grapevine.Question 32Job redesign requires an intimate knowledge of both ____________ and ____________.employee talents and job qualitiesjob enlargement and job rotationemployee desires and job opportunitiesjob depth and job scopeQuestion 33Informal communication channels are often called, collectively, the:cluster chain.employee network.rumor mill.grapevine.Question 34McClelland reveals that high achievers:act uncontrollably.solicit feedback.shun responsibility for solving problems.prefer others to set their goals.Question 35Power that comes to people because of the kind of personality or personal attractiveness they have to others is known as:materialisticexperiencelegitimatereferentQuestion 36Which of the following organizational principles directly impact or specifically relate to free-rein leadership and empowerment?disciplinedelegation of authoritycentralized decision makingdivision of workQuestion 37When conditions change, ____________ managers change from one leadership style to another more appropriate style.incompetenteffectiveflightyindecisiveQuestion 38Standing committees are permanent by design; however, ____________ committees are set up to accomplish a task and then hocbalanceddeliberatecross-functionalQuestion 39To influence through leadership actually means to ____________ another person’s behavior.inhibitdominatechangepressureQuestion 40Giving employees the chance to appraise their bosses forces a company to live up to its commitment to ________management.participativeconsultingfree-reindemocraticQuestion 41The autocratic style of leadership is sometimes called the:”I” approach.”we” approach.”group” approach.”they” approach.Question 42When organizations construct teams, the recommended membership size of a team __________.should be less than six (6)does not mattershould be greater than twelve (12)should be twelve (12) or lessQuestion 43Which team member’s role is to propose new solutions, new methods, and new systems for team problems?initiatorcommunicatorcheerleadercontributorQuestion 44During this century, several studies regarding leadership traits have proven that:leadership traits are specific list of successful leadership traits exists.leadership and management are the same.leadership traits, skills, and behaviors are common.Question 45The extent to which member are attracted to the team and motivated to remain together is development.norms.Question 46All of the following are stages of team development except __________.normingperformingstormingnone of the aboveQuestion 47Formal vertical organizational teams are also known as ____________ teams.uprighthierarchycommand or functionalcoordinated effortQuestion 48Which one of the following is not a characteristic of work teams?They assume responsibility for the functions or tasks.They are typically large.They perform tasks previously done by members in a functional department.They are composed of multiskilled workers.Question 49Active components of leadership include all the following except:coaching.directing.guiding.searching.Question 50Which of the following is not a stage of team development?stormingforminginformingnormingQuestion 51The two managerial functions closely linked to leadership are:staffing and leading.planning and organizing.organizing and staffing.leading and controlling.Question 52When sports coaches listen to players’ suggestions and feedback during game intermissions, they are using ____________ leadership.generalparticipativeabsolutefree-reinQuestion 53One approach to human asset valuation is ____________.creates cash budgetsrequires outside auditors to monitor employee performancesuses cost centersattempts to assign a dollar value to each employee’s contribution to the company’s profitQuestion 54An information system enables an organization to:network computersexploit employee ideascreate intellectual capitalshare intellectual capitalQuestion 55A balance sheet consists of three major sections. Which of the following is one of those sections?retained earningsliabilitiescommon stockincomeQuestion 56Each unit of a decentralized computerized information system (CIS) is called a(n):data department.information system.Question 57A(n) ____________ is any guideline or benchmark established as a basis for measurement or point of reference.estimationindicationstandardrule of thumbQuestion 58Controls that focus on “after the fact” are called ____________ controls.therapeuticfeedforwardfeedbackdiagnosticQuestion 59A highly disciplined process that helps companies focus on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services is:quality circles.Six Sigma.quality control.quality assurance.Question 60A validation process to ensure measurement accuracy and standardization is known as:quality control.standards.a QA system.kaizen.Question 61The accounting balance sheet “equation” is ____________.assets – liabilities = expensesassets = liabilities + short-term debtsassets = liabilities + stockholders’ equityincome – expenses = profit or lossQuestion 62Examples of feedforward controls include ____________ controls.backlashdiagnostictherapeuticpreventionQuestion 63Managers that have to “start over” each fiscal period by justifying and identifying all financial resources are using ____________ budgeting.expenseflexiblezero-basedbottom-upQuestion 64The concept that measurements provided by the control process will reach the proper decision makers when they are needed is the concept of:concurrent.accuracy.timeliness.integration.Question 65Budgeting requires all of the following except:setting goalsadjusting goalslocating needed fundsnot adjusting goalsQuestion 66The accounting income statement “equation” is expressed as ____________.assets + liabilities = equityrevenues – taxes = assetsexpenses + debt = equityincome – expenses = profit or lossQuestion 67The amount of output achieved from the use of a given amount of inputs is __________.benchmarking.productivity.performance control.standardization.Question 68A control mechanism that focuses on continuous incremental quality improvement is _________.quality measureQMQAtotal quality managementQuestion 69A sources and uses of funds statement is often called a income/loss statementstatement of assets and liabilitiesliquidity statementcash flow statementQuestion 70Any organizational unit that contributes costs, revenues, investments, or profits as part of the company’s total accounting “package” is called a(n) responsibility centerdebt awareness departmentequity specialistcontrollerQuestion 71 Explain the grapevine and how works in organizations? What should mangers do about the grapevine?Question 72What are the primary financial ratios and what do they measure? Discuss how ratio analysis is used by managers?Question 73What stimulates motivation? What factors influence the behavior and individual will choose to satisfy a stimulus? How might a manager utilize this knowledge in performing his/her duties?

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Coastline ms100 M09/16 Final Exam latest 2017
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